Table 4

 Management errors

Treatmentn (%)
*Seven of these cases did not have hypoadrenalism considered where it was clinically possible.
Inadequate investigation, which could have changed management*10 (10)
Diuretic induced hyponatraemia treated with fluid restriction6 (6)
Treatment with fluid restriction plus intravenous saline4 (4)
Thiazides continued when probably the cause of hyponatraemia4 (4)
“Blind” intravenous saline for modest (>125 mmol/l) hyponatraemia in a non-critical situation3 (3)
“Blind” 0.18% saline in severe (<125 mmol/l) hyponatraemia1 (1)
IV saline in heart failure1 (1)
DDAVP used in SIAD1 (1)
Iatrogenic causes secondary to:
    IV dextrose3 (3)
    Post-TURP1 (1)