Table 5

 Top five IWL choices among 326 black and minority ethnic (BME) doctors according to grade; weighted scores are shown in brackets after IWL choice

ConsultantsSpecialist registrarsSHO/PRHOStaff and associate specialists
BME doctors out of total specifying an ethnic group (%)58/675 (9)164/569 (29)71/202 (35)33/85 (39)
    1Non-clinical support (59)Better education/training (113)Better education/training (77)Better education/training (35)
    2Medical support (33)Childcare facilities (89)Improved teaching facilities (34)Mentoring (15)
    3To develop new skills (28)Mentoring (89)Clinical, non-medical support (31)Other (14)
    4Mentoring (23)To develop new skills (72)Mentoring (27)Clinical, non-medical support (11)
    5Clinical, non-medical support (20)Non-clinical support (56)Careers counselling/guidance (25)Improved teaching facilities (11)