Table 3

 Top five IWL choices among specialist registrars in the five largest specialty groups; weighted scores are shown in parentheses after IWL choice

SurgicalObstetrics and GynaecologyPaediatricsMedicineDental
A total of 89 specialist registrars were in other specialties; 22 specialist registrars did not give their specialty.
Female (%)50 (24)77 (69)56 (71)21 (57)23 (59)
Flexible trainees421242
    1Education/training (154)Education/training (118)Child care (55)Non-clinical support (24)Education/training (26)
    2Non-clinical support (85)To develop new skills (71)Clinical non-medical support (37)Mentoring (17)Non-clinical support (20)
    3Other (76)Mentoring (64)Non-clinical support (29)IT (14)Child care (17)
    4IT (72)Child care (63)Office and accommodation (29)Part time and flexible on-call (14)Clinical non-medical support (16)
    5To develop new skills (52)Part time and flexible training (48)Part time and flexible on-call (27)Team work (14)To develop new skills (15)