Table 3

 Characteristics, spirometric findings, diffusion capacities, and arterial blood gas values of the four patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP)

CaseAge (years)GenderTobacco (pack-years)ExposureTime frameClinical featuresPhysical examinationStage of HPSpirometric testsDiffusion capacity (DLCO % of predicted, DLCO/VA)Arterial blood gases
DLCO, diffusion capacity of the lung for carbon monoxide; DLCO/VA, DLCO adjusted for alveolar volume; Po2, partial oxygen pressure.
138M30Archive clerk, dust5 monthsDyspnoea, dry cough,Crackles, ronchiChronicNormalNormal (101, 96.3)Normal Po2; hypoxaemia after exercise (Po2 8.9 kPa)
245F0Lovebird3 monthsDyspnoea, dry coughCrackles, ronchiSubacuteNormalDecreased (55, 70)Hypoxaemia at rest (Po2 9.3 kPa)
336M0Archive clerk, dust3 yearsDry coughNormalChronicNormalDecreased (44, 57)Normal
459F0Lovebird3 yearsDry coughNormalChronicNormalDecreased (64, 70)Normal