Table 1

Characteristics of, and glycaemic control and complications in, 22 diabetic patients in a high secure hospital. Data are mean (SD), with the range in square brackets

*Refers to symptomatic neuropathy.
†Patients receiving drug treatment for hypertension or hyperlipidaemia.
Characteristics of patients
    Number of subjects22
    Number with mental illness18
    Number with a personality disorder4
    Age (years)45 (12) [27–67]
    Sex18 (82%) male : 4 (18%) female
    Duration of diabetes (years)5.0 (4.6) [0.2–16.0]
    Duration of follow up (years)1.6 (0.5) [0.3–2.0]
    Initial BMI (kg/m2)33.3 (8.5) [22.0–60.0]
    Follow up BMI (kg/m2)33.2 (7.9) [24.0–55.0]
Glycaemic control
    Initial HbA1c (%)8.5 (1.9) [5.5–13.6]
    Follow up HbA1c (%)8.3 (1.6) [5.6–12.0]
Complications (values are numbers of patients)
    Cerebrovascular disease2
    Coronary artery disease3