Table 3

Spirometry, oxygen status, and thoracic computed tomography findings in 20 patients with primary antibody deficiency

Patient NoSpirometry FEV1/FVC (%)Oxygen status*Thoracic computed tomography
HRCT, high resolution computed tomography
*Figures with % value measured by oximetry, figures without % represent arterial oxygen pressure in kPa.
†Patients with right heart dilatation and/or moderate pulmonary hypertension.
‡Patient with formal pulmonary function tests within the last two years.
§Lobectomy for bronchiectasis before antibody deficiency diagnosis.
1†0.5/2.7 (19)8.3Stable multilobar bronchiectasis
2†1.0/2.4 (42)‡90%Stable multilobar bronchiectasis
3†0.6/2.9 (21)10.5Severe emphysema
4†3.1/5.7 (54)10.0Stable single lobe bronchiectasis + emphysema
5†2.7/3.5 (77)13.4Normal
6†0.9/1.55 (58)‡84%Multilobar severe bronchiectasis
71.66/2.5 (66)‡96%No residual bronchiectasis§
84.5/6.0 (75)10.8Mild progressive bronchiectasis in left base
91.2/2.3 (52)9.0Mild multilobar bronchiectasis
103.64/5.75 (63)‡95%No significant bronchiectasis
113.4/4.9 (69)12.0Reduced volume in left lower lobe
123.8/5.0 (76)N/ARight basal scarring: not HRCT
132.7/4.0 (68)‡98%Multilobar bronchiectasis
140.93/1.08 (86)‡95%? Alveolitis
153.8/4.9 (78)10.3Mild multilobar bronchiectasis
16N/A9.14Stable multilobar bronchiectasis
172.76/2.95 (94)96%Normal
184.7/5.8 (81)12.6Normal
191.95/1.95 (100)N/ANormal
203.0/3.7 (81)N/AStable multilobar bronchiectasis