Table 2

Positive echocardiographic findings in 20 patients with primary antibody deficiency

Patient NoPositive echocardiographic findings
LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy; PAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure.
1Mild left ventricular dilatation and hypertrophy with moderate contraction, dilated aortic root and left atrium, mild mitral regurgitation + tricuspid regurgitation, PAP 41 mm Hg
2Mild LVH, mild right heart dilatation
3Right heart dilatation, right atrial pressure 18 mm Hg, dilated hepatic veins, presumed moderate pulmonary hypertension, unable to measure PAP
4Mild right heart dilatation
5PAP 48 mm Hg
6Dilated aortic root, moderate left ventricular contraction, right atrial dilatation, PAP 44 mm Hg
7Mild tricuspid regurgitation
8Mild tricuspid regurgitation, PAP 28 mm Hg
9Mild LVH, mildly dilated left atrium
11Mild LVH
12Mildly dilated aortic root
14PAP 28 mm Hg
16Anterior pericardial effusion <1 cm, moderate left ventricular contraction, PAP 33 mm Hg
18Mild mitral regurgitation, PAP 29 mm Hg
19PAP 26 mm Hg