Table 2

 Patients’ characteristics by agreement with physicians’ report concerning humour

Patient characteristicsAgreeDo not agreeTotal
None of the differences between groups was significant at p<0.05 for the variables “agree”, “do not agree”.
Age (y): mean (SD)50.4 (18.0)50.9 (18.4)50.6 (18.1)
Education (y): mean (SD)11.7 (4.3)11.5 (4.3)11.6 (4.3)
Family status
    1 Never married2058.81441.234
    2 Married9754.58145.5178
    3 Widowed1147.81252.223
    4 Divorced330.0770.010
Mother tongue
    1 Hebrew5552.45047.6105
    2 Arab languages2857.12142.949
    3 Other4852.74347.391
Self perceived health status
    1 Poor1365.0735.020
    2 Fair4652.94147.187
    3 Good4855.83844.286
    4 Excellent2346.02754.050
State of mood—tension free during past month
    1 All the time1252.21147.823
    2 Most of the time2237.93662.158
    3 About half of the time2765.91434.141
    4 Some of the time2660.51739.543
    5 Little time2653.12346.939
    6 Not at all1553.61346.428
State of mood—lack of hope during past month
    1 All the time872.7327.311
    2 Most of the time947.41052.619
    3 About half of the time1168.8531.316
    4 Some of the time1747.21952.836
    5 Little time3250.03250.064
    6 Not at all7878.02222.0100
Today, how much have you hoped for a pleasant day?
    1 All the time2754.02346.050
    2 Most of the time2851.92648.154
    3 About half of the time2058.81441.234
    4 Some of the time2247.82452.246
    5 Little time2354.81945.242
    6 Not at all1157.9842.119