Table 1

 Patients’ agreement with description of encounters

Item numberStatement about humorous activitiesTotal numberAgree and completely agree (%)Completely agree (%)Agree (%)Disagree somewhat (%)Completely disagree (%)
1The doctor used humour in this visit24560.429.830.611.428.2
2The doctor said something humorous about me23919.710.09.610.569.9
3The doctor said something humorous about him/herself2399.64.25.411.778.7
4The doctor told a joke2359.85.54.311.578.7
5The doctor did not exhibit any humorous manner or expression23428.610.717.921.450.0
6The doctor did not use humour, we just laughed23447.921.826.114.138.0
7Only the doctor laughed, I did not2335.63.02.611.682.8
8The doctor said only serious things to me24072.152.919.218.89.2
9The doctor said a cynical or provocative sentence that made me laugh2357.
10I didn’t hear anything humorous from the doctor today23633.920.813.123.742.4
11I laughed, but not because of anything humorous the doctor said23334.815.519.316.348.9
12I laughed because the doctor made some funny faces2364.20.83.410.285.6
13We just laughed for no particular reason23344.219.324.914.241.6
14We didn’t laugh, it was a serious encounter23759.939.220.318.121.9