Table 1

 Major features of Lemierre’s syndrome in published series

Sinave et al6Eykyn8Moreno19Leugers and Clover10Hagelskjaer et al5
DIC, disseminated intravascular coagulation; IJV, internal jugular vein; NR, not recorded.
Number of cases3829113915
Median age (range)20 (2–38)22 (16–27)18 (13–23)18 (9–38)18 (14–31)
F necrophorum in blood culture (%)6186100100100
Anaerobe in blood culture (%)97100100100100
Other organisms in blood culture (%)5039NRNR
IJV thrombosis (%)26NR4526NR
Pulmonary lesions (%)97791008580
Septic arthritis (%)1314182627
Osteomyelitis (%)
Skin and soft tissue lesions (%)16NRNR50
Meningitis (%)2.63.0NR2.50
Septic shock (%)0NRNR18NR
Clinical jaundice (%)11NRNR49NR
Renal failure (%)NR305NR
Clinical DIC (%)
Median duration of fever after antibiotic (days)NRNR108 (2–16)12 (1–20)
Antibiotic durationNRAverage 6 weeksMinimum 6 weeks9–128 daysMedian 18 days
Mortality (%)