Table 3

Adjusted odds ratios (with 95% confidence intervals) from logistic regression analyses predicting LOS of eight days or more

VariableOdds ratio95% confidence intervalp Value
*Compared with not having the particular disease.
Sex (male v female)0.790.58 to 1.070.13
Age (75 years and over v less than 65 years)3.642.38 to 5.61<0.0001
Age (75 years and over v 65–74 years)1.150.73 to 1.830.55
Friday v other days1.340.84 to 2.160.22
Ward (general medical v outlying)1.771.25 to 2.520.0013
Respiratory*1.681.07 to 2.640.024
Cardiac*0.320.15 to 0.640.0023
Congestive heart failure*1.440.78 to 2.710.25
Angina/myocardial infarction*1.170.46 to 3.120.57
Tumour*3.751.74 to 8.660.001
Stroke*1.410.76 to 2.640.28
Infections*0.560.27 to 1.120.11