Table 3

Meta-analysis of randomised placebo controlled clinical trials involving the use of diuretics in hypertension according to first-line treatment strategy (data modified from Psaty BM, Smith NL, Siscovick DS, et al18)

OutcomeNo of trialsEvents (active/control)Relative risk (95% CI)
*The numbers of participants randomised to active treatment and placebo, respectively, were 7768 and 12 075 for high dose diuretic therapy, and 4305 and 5116 for low dose diuretic therapy.
    Diuretics (high dose)988/2320.49 (0.39 to 0.62)
    Diuretics (low dose)4191/3470.66 (0.55 to 0.78)
Coronary heart disease
    Diuretics (high dose)11211/3310.99 (0.83 to 1.18)
    Diuretics (low dose)4215/3630.72 (0.61 to 0.85)
Congestive heart failure
    Diuretics (high dose)96/350.17 (0.07 to 0.41)
    Diuretics (low dose)381/1340.58 (0.44 to 0.76)
Total mortality*
    Diuretics (high dose)11224/3820.88 (0.75 to 1.03)
    Diuretics (low dose)4514/7130.90 (0.81 to 0.99)
Cardiovascular mortality
    Diuretics (high dose)11124/2300.78 (0.62 to 0.97)
    Diuretics (low dose)4237/3900.76 (0.65 to 0.89)