Table 6

 Characteristics of the cohort with extended follow up

Men (n = 83)Women (n = 180)All (n = 263)
*For the 210 patients alive at the end of the period. IQR, interquartile range.
Maximum follow up, months from index date*454646
Median (approximately)383838
    IQR (approximately)35–4135–4135–41
Haemoglobin at index date (g/l)
Age at index date
Gastrointestinal investigation in first year (%)34 (41)47 (26)81 (31)
Normal haemoglobin in first year41 (49)135 (75)176 (67)
Full blood count in follow up period69 (83)132 (73)201 (76)
Haemoglobin below normal in follow up period46 (55)67 (37)113 (43)
New gastrointestinal investigation17 (20)26 (14)43 (16)
New cancer diagnosed
    In gastrointestinal tract527
    Not in gastrointestinal tract527
    Metastatic with unknown primary33