Table 5

 Gastrointestinal abnormalities found by investigations initiated within three months; values are number (%)

PathologyUpper tract investigation only (n = 36)Lower tract investigation only (n = 63)Upper and lower tract investigation (n = 85)Total (n = 184)
*Number of patients with any other abnormalities of upper and lower tract, whether or not considered causative of the anaemia.
Significant pathology
    Cancer upper tract617
    Active peptic ulcer9110
    Coeliac disease235
    Cancer lower tract11920
    Colon polyps235
    Inflammatory bowel disease123
Total significant pathology17 (47)15 (24)23 (27)55 (30)
Minor pathology*14 (39)31 (49)54 (63)99 (54)
No abnormalities detected5 (14)17 (27)8 (9)30 (16)