Table 4

‚ÄÉNumber and origin of gastrointestinal investigations

InvestigationDone by direct GP accessDone as outpatientDone as inpatientTotal
NoNo with pathologyNoNo with pathologyNoNo with pathologyNoNo (%) with pathology
*Denotes investigations which GPs could request directly. Some individual GPs carry out rigid sigmoidoscopy in surgery.
Upper endoscopy*22156342352212079 (66)
Duodenal biopsy80356112548(15)
Barium meal*434233118 (73)
Barium enema*56376144141113192 (70)
Rigid sigmoidoscopy3030141372 (5)
Flexible sigmoidoscopy00126541710 (59)
Colonoscopy001310211511 (73)
Small bowel investigation00523284 (50)
Abdominal ultrasound*621881373717 (46)