Table 1

Previous reports of haemorrhage associated with Gingko biloba ingestion

ReportsType of haemorrhageDose of Gingko biloba ingestion and duration of ingestionRemarks
Vale (1997)3Spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage40 mg four times a day for 6 monthsIncreased bleeding time was found. This improved after stopping the Gingko biloba extract
Rowin et al (1996)4Spontaneous bilateral subdural haematoma40 mg three times a day. Duration of use not statedIncreased bleeding time was found
Benjamin et al (2001)5Spontaneous intracerebral haematoma40 mg three times a day for 18 monthsNormal cerebral angiography
Rosenblatt et al (1997)6Multiple spontaneous episodes of hyphaema40 mg twice a day for 1 weekEpisodes of hyphaema stopped after Gingko biloba extract was discontinued
Fessenden et al (2001)7Postoperative bleeding after laparoscopic cholecystectomy40 mg twice a day. Duration not stated100 g/l of haemoglobin was lost in the 1st 48 hours after uncomplicated surgery
Haueser et al (2002)81. Large subphrenic haematoma after liver transplantationDose and duration of ingestion not statedGingko biloba extract was being ingested throughout the postoperative period. No further bleeding occurred after the extract was discontinued
2. Spontaneous unilateral vitreous haemorrhage
 3 weeks after liver transplant