Table 2

Screening questions for the diagnosis of BDD

  1. Do you currently think a lot about your appearance? What features are you unhappy with? Do you feel your feature(s) are ugly or unattractive?

  2. How noticeable do you think your feature(s) is to other people?

  3. On an average day, how many hours do you spend thinking about your feature(s)? Please add up all the time that your feature is on your mind and make the best estimate.

  4. Does your feature(s) currently cause you a lot of distress?

  5. How many times a day do you usually check your feature(s)? (Include looking in a mirror or other reflective surface, such as a shop window, or feeling it with your fingers.)

  6. How often do you feel anxious about your feature(s) in social situations? Does it lead you to avoid social situations?

  7. Has your feature(s) had an effect on dating or on an existing relationship?

  8. Has your feature(s) interfered with your ability to work or study, or your role as a homemaker?