Table 1

 Prevalence of a suppressed serum TSH level in community based surveys. The studies by Parle et al10,14 are based on the same cohort

AuthorYearNo of subjectsAge (years)Cut off value (mU/l)% TSH suppressed% Overtly hyperthyroid% Thyroid hormone use
Bagchi et al5199098655–92<0.12.5?1.7
Parle et al1019911210>60<0.5Male 5.5 ; female 6.3?0.0
Sawin et al619912575>60<
Canaris et al7200025862>18<
Parle et al1420011191>60<
Hollowel et al8200217353>12<
Volzke et al92003394120–79<0.3 <0.111.3