Table 1

Means of mood, performance, and response confidence for house officers and SHOs

No of (range) hours total sleepNo of (SD) hours continuous sleepPOMS (SD) general confidence scorePOMS (SD) energy scoreMean (SD) confidence when correctMean (SD) confidence when incorrectMean (SD) No of correct answersMean (SD) No of incorrect answersMean (SD) No of “don't knows”
*Two tailed significance at 0.05 level between SHO and house officer.
Range rather than SD accompanies total sleep length because this variable is an approximation by the doctors.
House officer4.8 (0.75–8.0)3.9 (2.5)13.1 (3.7)10.5 (5.6)3.67* (0.70)3.16* (0.5)26.7* (5.0)11.3 (2.1)8.0 (5.0)
SHO3.4 (0.0–6.5)2.6 (1.4)14.2 (7.2)10.9 (8.2)4.46* (0.4)3.94* (0.4)31.6* (5.9)10.3 (4.3)4.13 (4.6)