Table 4

Pathology related to cause of anaemia at one year

No (%) controlNo (%) interventionNo (%) total
GI, gastrointestinal; NAD, nothing abnormal detected.
*Confirmed cause may include “minor pathology” such as gastritis or diverticular disease if patient has been fully investigated and no other cause found, or condition stated causative by clinician.
†Includes five cases of coeliac disease.
‡Includes menorrhagia with or without confirmed fibroids.
§Provisional/assumed cause includes “minor pathology” when only upper or lower tract investigated, or other assumptions such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug related bleeding if stated in notes.
Confirmed pathology*68 (33)60 (26)128 (30)
    Gastric/oesophageal cancer729
    Colorectal cancer151732
    Other upper GI conditions†161632
    Other lower GI conditions171734
    Other cancer7512
    Overt blood loss‡7512
    Other causes
Provisional/assumed pathology§45 (22)57 (25)102 (24)
    Other upper GI conditions181230
    Other lower GI conditions162440
    Other cancer11
    Overt blood loss‡51318
    Other causes4610
No diagnosis apparent91 (45)110 (48)201 (47)
    Patient died459
    Full investigation, NAD437
    Partial investigation, NAD61622
    Ongoing investigation22
    No investigation474592
    Investigation not appropriate201939
    Patient refused82230