Table 2

Investigations into the cause of the anaemia; [ ] denotes patients adequately investigated, see text for definition

*Significant pathology includes upper or lower carcinoma, active peptic ulceration, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, colon polyps, and angiodysplasia. All other abnormalities are classed as minor pathology.
Total number of patients having any gastrointestinal investigations89 [63]95 [62]184 [125]
Upper gastrointestinal only
    Total number of patients26 [9]10 [2]36 [11]
    Number with significant pathology found*13316
    Number with minor pathology found9514
    Number with no pathology found426
Lower gastrointestinal only
    Total number of patients21 [13]42 [17]63 [30]
    Number with significant pathology* found9615
    Number with minor pathology found92029
    Number with no pathology found31619
Upper and lower gastrointestinal
    Total number of patients42 [41]43 [43]85 [84]
    Number with significant pathology* found81624
    Number with minor pathology found292453
    Number with no pathology found538
Total number of patients having other investigations (for example, gynaecology)10 [10]6 [5]16 [15]
Total number of patients having no investigations done105 [27]126 [36]231 [63]
    Documented causative pathology, unfit, or died before planned investigation22 [22]25 [25]47 [47]
    Patient died before investigation considered4 [1]7 [1]11 [2]
    Patient refused investigation92433
    No documented reason for absence of investigation70 [4]70 [10]140 [4]