Table 1

Outcome of patients undergoing embolisation for PAVM

AuthorNo of 
 patientsEmbolisation type*No of PAVMs attemptedNo of PAVMs occludedDevice migrationPAVM recanalisationFollow up period†
NR, not reported.
*B, balloon; C, coil. †Mean in parentheses.
White et al, 19883376B>>C2762762NRNR
Haitjema et al, 19953432C9290222–71 months
(25 months)
Dutton et al, 19955053C1021022NRNR
Lee et al , 19975145B=C9897241–12.3 years
(4.7 years)
Saluja et al, 19995282B>>C240238131–4 years