Table 1

Infection control methods for MRSA

    PatientsEffective if followed by isolation, cost effective for threshold values
    StaffRates low, expensive
HandwashingEffective, compliance poor
    Topical agentsMupirocin widely used, effective, resistance occurs
SystemicResistance if use commonly used agents, other (rifampin and fusidic acid) with side effects
Body cleansingCertain agents effective (povidone iodine, chlorhexidine, triclosan)
Cohorting of patients
    Complete separation/ward closureNurses required to take care of a variety of patients, effective, disruptive
    Single room isolationVariable effectiveness, blocks of rooms may be helpful
Preidentification of carriers and previously infected patientsWith total isolation, effective
GownsNo proved value
GlovesEffective if changed between patients
Environmental cleaningNot effective in slowing outbreaks