Table 1

Summary of fistula characteristics and effect of VAC treatment

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3
DiagnosisRectal cancerAdhesive intestinal obstructionRecurrent vulval angiomyxoma
Cause of fistulaLeakage from inadvertent enterotomy during relaparotomy for postoperative intestinal obstructionLeakage from enteroenteric anastomosis during relaparotomy for intestinal ischaemia and intra-abdominal sepsisLeakage from enteroenteric anastomosis fashioned after construction of ileal conduit
Site of fistulaMid-small intestineProximal small intestineDistal small intestine
Output of fistulaMore than 1 l/day1 l/day300 ml/day
Duration of VAC treatment5 weeks5 weeks3 weeks
Effect of VACImproved skin condition and reduced fistulous outputImproved skin condition and reduced fistulous outputComplete healing of fistula in 3 weeks