Table 3

Patient characteristics, transfusion requirement, and outcome of patients who underwent surgery or repeat endoscopic haemostasis after re-bleeding

Treatment modalities
Repeat endoscopic haemostasis
Immediate surgery (n=7)Failed (n=5)Successful (n=6)
Mean age (range)69 (47–89)72 (58–81)58 (33–87)
Co-morbidity (%)4310067
Active bleeding (%)576050
Endoscopist grade (n)
    Senior registrar323
Initial endoscopic haemostasis type (%)
No (%) with difficult ulcer location3 (57)1 (20)0
Mean (SEM) total transfusion (units)11.5 (1.54)15.8 (2.71)9.5 (2.24)
Mean (SD) length of inpatient stay (days)16 (3)41 (21)17 (4)
Mortality (n)111