Table 2

Additional clinical features in 15 patients with coeliac disease and metabolic bone disease

Patient Femur
T score
% change spine/year % change femur/year Bone biopsy Comments Other abnormalities
1−3.121.315.7OsteomalaciaInitially diagnosed as Paget's diseaseMCV 114
2−2.418.410.3OsteomalaciaIron deficiency
3−4.611.96.1OsteomalaciaRheumatoid disease
41.8Tertiary hyperparathyroidismParathyroid adenoma
5−2.9B-12 and folate deficiency
6−3.2−212.6NormalIron deficiency
7−3.2Previous Colle's fractureB-12 and folate deficiency
8−4.15Steroid and diet resistant coeliac diseaseIron, B-12, and folate deficiency
9−2.08B-12 and folate deficiency; diabetes
10−0.2Iron and folate deficiency
11− menarche; early menopauseMacrocytosis
12−3.481.14.2OsteoporosisUnresponsive iron deficiency
13− deficiency
14−3.1−0.9−0.3Failure to comply with gluten-free dietIron deficiency
15−3.24.1−5.4BMD improved on cyclical etidronate
  • BMD, bone mineral density; MCV, mean corpuscular volume.