Table 1

Historical names for tuberculosis

Historical name Clinical type of tuberculosis
Consumption (of the lungs)Pulmonary tuberculosis
PthisisPulmonary tuberculosis
Tabes pulmonalisPulmonary tuberculosis
TissicPulmonary tuberculosis
Hectic feverPulmonary tuberculosis
AstheniaPulmonary tuberculosis
Galloping consumptionAcute progressive tuberculosis
Tabes mesentericaAbdominal tuberculosis
ScrofulaCervical lymphadenitis
StrumaCervical lymphadenitis
King's evilCervical lymphadenitis
Pott's disease1-150 Spinal tuberculosis
Prosector's or Butcher's wartPrimary inoculation skin tuberculosis
Tuberculous chancreSkin tuberculosis
ScrofulodermaSkin tuberculosis secondary to cervical lymphadenitis
Lupus vulgarisChronic skin tuberculosis
  • 1-150 Named after Sir Percival Pott (1714–88), a surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.