Table 1

Drugs used for postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy

Oestrogen Type Average daily dose
OralMicronised oestradiol2 mg
Conjugated oestrogens0.625 mg
Oestradiol valerate2 mg
Piperazine oestrone sulphate0.625 mg
TransdermalOestradiol in adhesive matrix or reservoir patch50 μg
Oestradiol in a gel formulation2.5 g
Subcutaneous pelletsAdministered at six monthly intervals50 mg
Vaginal applicationsThese are administered daily for three weeks followed by twice weekly administration to minimise unopposed oestrogen effect on the uterus
Oestriol cream
Oestradiol vaginal tablets
Conjugated equine oestrogen cream
Progestational agents Average daily dose (sequential regimen)
Micronised progesterone300 mg
19-Nortestosterone derivatives
 Norethisterone1 mg
 Levonorgestrel0.075 mg
 Norgestrel0.150 mg
17 Acetoxy derivatives of progesterone: medroxyprogesterone acetate10 mg
C-21 Progestin: dydrogesterone10–20 mg
Other synthetic compounds
 Tibolone2.5 mg
 Raloxifene60 mg