Table 4

Results of multiple logistic regression—groups with macroproteinuria v no proteinuria

Variable Regression coefficient SE p Value OR (95% CI)
Duration0.530.14<0.00011.7 (1.3 to 2.3)
HbA1c0.550.180.0031.7 (1.2 to 2.5)
Creatinine0.920.15<0.00012.5 (1.9 to 3.4)
  • Macroproteinuria was used as the dependent variable. The following categories were used for continuous variables: age, 10 year intervals; BMI, 3 units; fasting blood glucose, 1.39 mmol/l; serum cholesterol, 0.65 mmol/l; serum triglycerides, 0.28 mmol/l; serum creatinine, 8.84 μmol/l; duration of diabetes, five year intervals; and hypertension, systolic blood pressure >140 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure >90 mm Hg.