Table 1

Twenty nine cases of sensorineural hearing loss after general anaesthetic after distant site surgery and non-cardiopulmonary surgery

Study No Surgery Nitrous oxide
used ?
Hearing improved ?
Patterson and Barlett (1979)9 1Bunionectomy and arthroplastyYesYes
Tonkin and Fagan (1975)22 2Pyloroplasty and vagotomyN/ANo
Hockermann and Reimer (1989)17 3Rectal prolapseYesYes
Journeaux et al(1990)7 4AdrenalectomyYesN/A
Millenet al(1982)5 5MastectomyN/AYes
Millenet al(1982)5 6CholecystectomyN/AYes
Millenet al(1982)5 7PupilloplastyN/AN/A
Jaffe (1967)23 8ThyroidectomyN/AN/A
Jaffe (1967)23 9Lysis of small bowel adhesionsN/AN/A
Jaffe (1967)23 10Cardiac pacemaker implantationN/AN/A
Jaffe (1967)23 11Abdominal (unknown)N/AN/A
Segal et al(1984)12 12Vagotomy and pyloroplastyYesYes
Segal et al(1984)12 13Inguinal herniaYesYes
Segalet al (1984)12 14Lumbar discectomyYesN/A
Velazguez (1992)26 15Small bowel resectionNoN/A
Evan et al(1997)18 16HemithyroidectomyYesNo
Evanet al (1997)18 17Total abdominal hysterectomyYesNo
Davis et al (1979)24 18N/AYesN/A
Manet al(1980)25 19CholecystectomyYesYes
Guillemin et al(1988)6 20UrethrotomyNoNo
Guilleminet al (1988)6 21Bilateral herniaYesNo
Guillemin et al(1988)6 22GynaecologicalYesNo
Guilleminet al(1988)6 23GynaecologicalYesNo
Cox IIIet al(1997)19 24NasalYesYes
Cox IIIet al(1997)19 25SpinalNoNo
Cox IIIet al(1997)19 26SpinalYesNo
De la Cruzet al(1998)20 27OrthopaedicYesNo
Belanet al(1994)21 28AppendicectomyNoYes
Present case (1999)29Varicose vein surgeryYesYes
  • N/A = not available.