Table 1

Reported cases of Crohn's disease and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Reference Age Sex Duration between Crohn's disease and ITP Location of Crohn's disease Response to glucocorticoids Platelet antibodies Treatment of ITP
465F(+) 28 yearsColonTransientYesSplenectomy, colectomy
519FOn presentationColon, distal ileumTransientNoSplenectomy, LTF
643M(−) 2 monthsColonYes?Glucocorticoids
754M(−) 7 monthsColon, distal ileumYesYesGlucocorticoids
822F(+) 6 weeksColonYes?Glucocorticoids, 6MP
Present case17F(+) 9 yearsColonNoNoIV IgG
  • Key: 6MP = 6-mercaptopurine; LTF = lost to follow-up; (+) = Crohn's disease occurred before ITP; (−) = ITP occurred before Crohn's disease; IV IgG = intravenous gammaglobulins.