Table 1

Chest symptoms described by 100 patients

Breathlessness= 100%
Wheezing= 94%
Chest tightness= 91%
Cough= 88%
Chest pain= 76%
Features of the chest pain (% patients affected)
 Sternal/parasternal30Dull ache30
 Subcostal26Sharp and stabbing28
 Chest and back26Dull ache + sharp and stabbing17
 Sternal and subcostal9Others (burning, raw, abrasive, tight)25
 Back only6
Time started:Severity: (scale 1–10)
 With onset of attack3795
 Within 60 min of onset25817
 1–6 hours16719
 6–24 hours4612
 >24 hours18<647
Worsened by:Improved by:
 Coughing84Sitting upright66
 Deep inspiration47Shallow breathing22
 Movement43Keeping still18
 Lying supine36Holding chest12
 Lying on side12Lying on side9
 PF manoeuvre8Lying supine8
 Sitting up without support3Stretching7
  • NB: Most patients reported several factors.