Table 6

 Meta-analysis of the use of GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors in coronary intervention and acute coronary syndrome

EndpointsDeath or MIDeath, MI or revascularisation
Event reductionpEvent reductionp
Time after:
Coronary intervention
 48–96 h27<0.00138<0.001
 30 days27<0.00137<0.001
 6 months23<0.00128<0.003
Acute coronary syndrome
 48–96 h10<0.0119<0.001
 30 days13<0.0122<0.001
 6 months16<0.0120<0.01
  • Based on data from meta-analysis by Kong et al 49

  • Event reduction: number of events reduced per 1000 patients treated