Table 1

Blood counts of case 1 during the course of illness

DateHaemoglobin (g/dl)TLC (×109/l)DC (%)Platelets (×109/l)Reticulocytes (%)
Ciprofloxacin started on 27/8/96
27/8/969.48.7N87, E1, L121810.3
29/8/968.92.1N48, E16, L361670.1
1/9/9691.1N9, E1, L90510.1
3/9/968.21N20, L80260.2
Ciprofloxacin stopped on 2/9/96
5/9/968.21.6N10, L9081-150
7/9/969.71.5N14, L86510.5
9/9/9610.62.9N38, MC3, M41133
MMC+St6, E1, L48
11/9/9610.53.8N26, MC6, E2, B1,1906
L50, M15
May 9715.56.7N52, E3, L42, M3281
  • Abbreviations: TLC: total leucocyte count; DC: differential count; N: neutrophils, E: eosinophils, L: lymphocytes, M: monocytes, MC: myelocytes, MMC: metamyelocyte, St: stab form;

  • 1-150 : not done