Table 4

 Attitude score for patients responding to questionnaire. Positive statements, ie, those more likely to encourage vaccination, were recoded so that a high score means a generally positive attitude towards vaccination, a score of three is neutral and a score less than three signifies a negative attitude overall

Attitude statement% of 551 patients respondingMean score
(Strongly) agreeNeutralDisagree or
strongly disagree
I think that vaccinations are generally safe517  (93.8)24  (4.8)7 (1.3)4.4
I do not believe in prevention93 (16.9)62 (11.3)379  (68.8)3.9
I am worried about getting chest infections297 (53.9)125 (22.7)117 (21.2)3.6
I feel that I would like pneumococcal vaccination258 (46.8)203 (36.8)77 (14.0)3.6
I would say that overall I am unwell94 (17.1)113 (20.5)334 (60.6)2.4
Prevention is better that cure503 (91.3)25 (4.5)18 (3.3)4.6
I don't think that I need pneumococcal vaccination113 (20.5)229 (41.6)191 (34.7)3.3
I am worried about the side effects of vaccination77 (14.0)161 (29.2)297 (53.9)3.6
I believe that I am a healthy person325 (59.0)117 (21.2)101 (18.3)2.5
I never get colds or chest infections92 (16.7)92 (16.7)354 (64.2)3.7