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  • Adult onset diabetes with hypo to hyperthyroidism
    GR Sridhar

    A 39-year diabetic, for six months had primary hypothyroidism three years ago, normalized with thyroxine. Seventeen months later he was hyperthyroid, reversed by carbimazole (30 mg/d) and recurred on stopping. His thyroid microsomal antibody was positive (1:25,600).

    Thyroid disorders were present in 6.9% adult diabetics in Edinburgh (1). Type 2 diabetes was seen in 7.6% patients with Grave’s thyrotoxicosis in Ja...

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  • Misconceptions on the treatment of Verrucous carcinoma
    L Reinecke

    The excellent case report on verrucous carcinoma is not only of value because of being a "first" on tumours of the female breast (1), but also of focussing attention on this condition.

    A myth was unintentionally started by Perez-Meza in 1966 (2) when they suggested that there may be a possibility that this tumour could be aggravated by radiation therapy. This started a misconception which is still widely believed...

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