24 e-Letters

published between 2013 and 2016

  • relevance of time frame and left circumflex as the culprit artery
    oscar,m jolobe

    The occurrence of coronary occlusion in patients without protocol positive ST segment elevation(1) might be attributable either to early catheterisation(2)or to left circumflex artery occlusion(3)(4), the latter also being significantly(p < 0.001) commoner in non ST segment elevation(NSTEMI) patients catheterised within 6 hours of arrival in hospital than in STEMI counterparts also catheterised within that time frame(...

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  • Transthoracic ultrasonography to differentiate bullous emphysema from pneumothorax: a bright future in black and white.
    Subramanian Senthilkumaran

    Respected Editor, The case report by Lai et al. [1] was both interesting and informative. We agree with the usefulness of CT thorax to differentiate pneumothorax from giant bulla with double wall sign. Though CT offers the most accurate diagnostic information, it is difficult to transport unstable patient to a CT suite which is in a remote area from a resuscitative area or to wait for a specialized technician to perform it...

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  • Cost-effective prescribing: Medical schools must take responsibility
    Mohammed A. Rashid

    Nwulu and colleagues present a highly relevant analysis of the financial implications of prescribing by F1 doctors in a UK teaching hospital1.

    It seems that the most important of the recommendations they discuss are for undergraduate medical education. Whilst they mention that most of the 79 doctors they investigated graduated from the same medical school, they do not categorise this further. As their data ind...

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  • Lewy Body Dementia in the Emergency Department
    Bruce D. Adams


    We applaud the timely study by Kennelly et al and agree fully that ED physicians generally lack proficiency for recognizing and managing behavioral complications of dementia. As they succinctly state, "Failure of physicians to identify and highlight cognitive impairment can lead to disastrous consequences".[1] We venture that ED physicians are even less aware of the unique and potentially lethal emergenc...

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