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Acute alveolar sarcoidosis in a 25-year-old man
  1. Naoki Kawakami,
  2. Tomohiro Moriya,
  3. Yoko Wakai,
  4. Kazuhito Saito
  1. Respiratory Medicine, Tsuchiura Kyodo Hospital, Tsuchiura, Japan
  1. Correspondence to Dr Naoki Kawakami, Respiratory Medicine, Tsuchiura Kyodo Hospital, Tsuchiura 300-0028, Japan; knaoki0321{at}

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A previously healthy, 25-year-old man presented with fever, cough and dyspnoea for 1 week. A chest radiograph showed multiple bilateral nodular, mass-like opacities (figure 1A). Moreover, chest CT revealed multiple bilateral dense consolidations with central-air bronchograms and ill-defined micronodular and ground-glass margins (figure 1B). The bilateral hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes were enlarged (online supplementary figure 1A). Blood tests revealed C-reactive protein, ACE and lysozyme levels of 3.98 (normal <0.30) mg/dL, 7.9 (normal <21.4) IU/L …

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