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Sexual intercourse before exercise has a detrimental effect on lower extremity muscle strength in men


Introduction The question of whether sexual intercourse can harm athletic performance is a long-debated topic since first sport competitions were invented. Therefore, due to the lack of solid evidence, we aimed to evaluate the effects of sexual intercourse on muscle training performance.

Materials and methods Physically and sexually active, 50 men (age=29.3±1.14 years) were enrolled in the study. Participants completed three weight training sessions and all sessions were at the same time of the day. The maximum weight was adjusted in the first session. In the second and third sessions, they performed five repetitions of the squat with their maximum weight for each set with a total of five sets after participating in and abstaining from sexual intercourse the night before, respectively. The duration of sexual intercourse was measured with a stopwatch.

Results The mean duration of sex was measured to be 13.8±3.61 min. Furthermore, the mean lifted weight before sex was calculated to be 109.4±11.41 kg and the mean lifted weight after sex was calculated to be 107±11.05 kg. According to obtained data, sexual intercourse has a significant detrimental effect on maximum weight in squat training (p=0001).

Conclusion Results demonstrate that sexual intercourse within 24 hours before exercise have detrimental effect on lower extremity muscle force, which suggests that restricting sexual activity before a short-term activity may be necessary.

  • sexual medicine
  • sports medicine
  • sexual dysfunction

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