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Characteristics and predictors of burnout among healthcare professionals: a cross-sectional study in two tertiary hospitals


Background The pattern and impact of burnout among the medical staff are not yet well defined. However, the consequences of burnout are not limited to the healthcare providers but also may affect their family, colleagues and patients in a negative manner. We aimed to assess the characteristics and predictors of burnout among health professionals at two large tertiary hospitals.

Methods We conducted a cross-sectional study during the period from July 2018 to 31 December 2018. Data, via Maslach Burnout Inventory survey, were collected from physicians and other healthcare workers in two hospitals.

Results A total of 624 responses to questionnaires were analysed. Half of the respondents were physicians, and men constituted the majority. About 10% (95% CI, 7.8 to 12.5) of the respondents satisfied the criteria of burnout. Emotional exhaustion (EE) was observed in 45.7%, depersonalisation (DP) in 26.9% and personal accomplishment (PA) in 41.2% of the respondents. There was a positive correlation between EE and DP (r=0.627, p=0.001), and a weak negative correlation between DP and PA (r=−0.195, p=0.001). Young age, less experience, trauma surgery, lack of habits and getting depressed ≥1 time/week were predictors of burnout.

Conclusions Burnout affects one-tenth of the health professionals in the tertiary hospitals in Qatar. Physicians are more likely to have higher DP and lower PA, whereas nurses prone to have higher EE. In this study, no gender discrepancy is appreciated and the junior medical staff is at a higher risk of burnout.

  • Health services administration & management
  • health & safety
  • quality in health care
  • occupational & industrial medicine
  • public health
  • psychiatry
  • depression & mood disorders

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