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4 The silent scream or the menopause
  1. Emma Barnard,
  2. Wendy French


A project is being developed between artists and researchers to identify how to reduce loneliness and isolation in the older woman which could be a model for health and well-being clinics to adapt.

Regular sessions with artists and wordsmiths can help to minimise the stress caused by the menopause (add (1 or 2) reference(s) if available). Fears, anxieties and depression are symptoms often experienced with this life stage. Mid-life crisis is an expression that can be an unhelpful way to describe the natural aging of a woman’s body. Negative concepts and poor jokes can add to a woman feeling diminished around the natural process of aging. A regular group might talk and explore these feelings with an artist ready to translate words into pictures, and create with the group a positive collage of loss in this respect. We would see whether looking at poems written by women who have gone through the menopause, finding how to identify with others and their loss, and exploring whether the experiences of others help the individual to feel better about themselves. Would this collaborative approach with women help them to feel more positive about the next life stage and therefore enable them to live a healthier life?

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