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Academic factors in medical recruitment: evidence to support improvements in medical recruitment and retention by improving the academic content in medical posts


There is a major problem with medical recruitment and retention in the UK. The 2018 General Medical Council (GMC) report ‘The state of medical education and practice in the UK’ has indicated that a high proportion of doctors are thinking of either giving up medical practice or reducing their hours in the next 3 years. If this trend continues the shortage of doctors in the UK will increase despite a modest increase in the supply of doctors.

This paper investigates the evidence that increasing the academic component of medical posts may help retain doctors in practice by providing experience and support in an area of medical practice, which appears to fulfil a significant number of doctors’ aspirations. The paper shows that this aspect of medical practice is poorly represented in medical workforce strategic thinking and should be considered as an integral aspect of policy and practice in medical workforce delivery.

  • health services administration & management
  • health policy
  • human resource management
  • quality in health care

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