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Hyperamylasaemia in ureteric colic


Hyperamylasaemia is classically associated with acute pancreatitis. Hyperamylasaemia may be associated with many other clinical conditions. However, ureteric colic has never been reported to cause hyperamylasaemia. We describe a 47-year-old woman who presented with an atypical history of left ureteric colic. Radiological investigations confirmed an upper ureteric stone with urinary extravasation. At presentation, the serum amylase was elevated but normalised after 24 h. In conclusion, ureteric colic may cause hyperamylasaemia and this is likely a result of pancreatic irritation due to urinary extravasation. Patients presenting with ureteric colic and elevated concentrations of serum amylase should raise the clinical suspicion of urinary extravasation.

  • hyperamylasaemia
  • ureteric colic
  • serum amylase
  • urinary extravasation

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