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The use of elearning in medical education: a review of the current situation


Computers are increasingly used in medical education. Electronic learning (elearning) is moving from textbooks in electronic format (that are increasingly enhanced by the use of multimedia adjuncts) to a truly interactive medium that can be delivered to meet the educational needs of students and postgraduate learners. Computer technology can present reliable, reusable content in a format that is convenient to the learner. It can be used to transcend geographical boundaries and time zones. It is a valuable tool to add to the medical teacher’s toolkit, but like all tools it must be used appropriately. This article endeavours to review the current “state of the art2 in use of elearning and its role in medical education alongside non-electronic methods—a combination that is currently referred to as “blended” learning.

  • CPD, continuing professional development
  • HTML, hypertext markup language
  • MCQs, multiple choice questions
  • RLO, reusable learning object
  • XML, extensible markup language

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