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Research productivity of the medical faculty at the American University of Beirut
  1. H A Dakik,
  2. H Kaidbey,
  3. R Sabra
  1. Faculty of Medicine, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr H A Dakik
 Faculty of Medicine, American University of Beirut, PO Box 11-0236/A38, Beirut, Lebanon; hd01{at}


Objective: To analyse the quality and quantity of scientific publications of the medical faculty at the American University of Beirut (AUB) during a six year period (1996–2001)

Methods: The study included all faculty members in the medical school of AUB in the year 2001. A Medline search inclusive of the years 1996–2001 was done for each faculty member and a total number of 881 publications was obtained.

Results: The faculty consisted of 203 members. Their average productivity rate (mean (SD)) was 1.24 (1.38) publications/faculty member/year (PFY), with a mean impact factor of 2.69 (4.63). Eighteen per cent of the faculty did not have any publication in the six year study period, and only 20% had two or more publications per year. There was a significantly higher publication rate among newly recruited faculty members (0.93 (1.40) PFY for those appointed before 1990, 1.45 (1.24) PFY for those appointed during 1990–1995, and 1.67 (1.43) for those appointed after 1995, p = 0.007), and among those who are younger in age (p<0.01). Collaboration with international investigators resulted in more original publications than work done only at AUB (65% v 35%, p<0.001), and a higher journal impact factor for the publications (3.20 (3.85) v 1.71 (2.36), p<0.05).

Conclusions: This is one of the first studies that analyse the research productivity of the medical faculty in a university setting in a developing country. It shows a wide variation in the research productivity of the faculty members that seems to be related to individual as well as institutional characteristics. Further analysis is needed to define and characterise these factors.

  • PFY, publications/faculty member/year
  • AUB, American University of Beirut
  • research productivity
  • medical faculty
  • developing country

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