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History of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine
  1. G C Cook
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 Professor G C Cook
 The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine, 12 Chandos Street, London W1G 9DR, UK;

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The Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine came into existence in 1918. Highlights of its history and the lives of many of the people who have moulded its past are detailed in a recently published book.

The first issue of the Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ) was published in October 1925; this has evolved from a slender document of local interest to a major international journal concentrating on all aspects of postgraduate and continuing medical education. The PMJ however had a forerunner (from April 1919), which was entitled the Emergency Post-graduate scheme: weekly programme; this publication concentrated on provision of dates and venues of postgraduate medical courses and lectures that were then available in London. This publication gave way to the Bulletin of the Fellowship of Medicine, which was the PMJ’s immediate predecessor; later attempts were made to extend coverage to the provinces in addition to London.

Thus various publications have always occupied a prominent position in the affairs of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine (FPM). …

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