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Obituary for an establishment figure
  1. P D Welsby
  1. Western General Hospital, Edinburgh EH4 2XU, UK;

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    X was a very fine fellow
 Of views inevitably mellow.
 He achieved dignity if not dignitas
 And disowned views obviously crass.

    Hardly missed a committee (of course)
 Behind his back was judged “Stable and safe. A workhorse”.
 He always stood up to be counted, a man apart,
 Often when others were standing, about to depart.

    Symposia he supported, and colluded with colloquia,
 Prominent at conferences far and indeed sometimes near.
 Although he contributed to papers medical
 Inevitably in references was always in et al.

    Not a management monkey,
 Rather management manqué.
 Although overtly uninterested in pay,
 The record shows he did it their way.

    Hobbies and outside interests there were but a few,
 For him it was “Not what you did, but who you knew”.
 He supported what he thought to be right, or what he was told was right.
 His reward being a picture in obituary columns (alas black and white).

    He leaves behind a wife who was bored,
 Now revitalised—he was, predictably, well insured.
 Now we regret that he has gone,
 His reputation? “Second to one”.