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Medical Statistics Made Clear.
  1. A R Hart
  1. Consultant Gastroenterologist, West Norwich Hospital, Norwich, UK;

    Statistics from

    Ashis Banerjee. (Pp 133; £19.95.) Royal Society of Medicine Press, 2003, ISBN 1-85315-5446.

    This book starts by describing the common terms used in statistics, measures of central tendency, types and presentation of data, and frequency distributions. Subsequent chapters deal with correlation and regression, statistical testing, types of epidemiological studies, and meta-analyses. The final chapters decribe probability theory and multivariate analyses. The concepts are well explained and consolidated with illustrations. An introductory glossary is particularly useful. The text is well referenced and a list of statistical packages is helpful. The book will be of use to those with no knowledge of statistics as a basic introduction, but also to those wanting a more detailed description of statistical methods.

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