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Suture granuloma
  1. M Thirumaran,
  2. A Jackson
  1. Dewsbury and District Hospital, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK;

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    A 68 year old woman presented with haemoptysis and left upper lobe shadow in 2002. Computed tomography of the thorax revealed a 2 cm soft tissue mass. Bronchoscopy was normal. She had a quadruple coronary artery bypass in 1999. She underwent a thorocotomy and the abnormal area in left upper lobe was removed. Histology showed evidence of suture granuloma but no evidence of malignancy (fig 1). Under polarised microscopy you can see the suture material very clearly (fig 2).

    Figure 1

    Histology showing evidence of suture granuloma.

    Figure 2

    Polarised microscopy showing the suture material.

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