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Extended Matching Questions for the MRCS.
  1. Department of Surgery, Leicester Royal Infirmary
  2. Leicester, UK

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    Extended Matching Questions for the MRCS. By A Auplish and M K Hossain-Ibrahim. (Pp 228; £22.50.) Greenwich Medical Media, 2001. ISBN1-841-1000-625.****

    Extended matching questions now form roughly one third of the new MRCS examination. This revision book follows the STEP course closely with each chapter representing one of the 10 modules. The first five chapters deal with core modules and the last five with system modules. The authors have recently passed the MRCS examination and have based the questions in this book on the format and content of questions that they and their peers have recently met in the examination. Although the authors have undoubtedly collected together an excellent selection of extended matching questions, the real strength of the book lies in the answer sections. These sections clearly explain the rationale behind the correct answer and, importantly, discuss other relevant issues. The detailed discussion in the answers sections makes this book particularly useful for revision and many of the answers contain useful line drawings and tables.

    I highly recommend this book for potential MRCS candidates, not only because the format and content of the extended matching questions is similar to that which they will face in the examination, but also because the answers section of this book contains information that is sometimes difficult to find from other sources.

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